The Future of Thermal Management

The first micro air pump capable of both;

high pressure and a large flow rate, enabling disruptive developments in the fields of medical devices, microelectronics and more. 

Novel Oscillating Valves Technology.

QTflow’s micro air-pump, multi-membrane technology achieves a flow of up to 4 L/Min per membrane at a pressure of 50 kPa. It is the first micro pump capable of both high pressure and high flow rate allowing to provide an air flow of 120 L/Min.

Multi Use

The technology will enable breakthroughs in a variety of industries, including: the microelectronics industry, medical devices, energy and more.

Reliability and
Long Shelf Life

The pump is designed to operate for at least 100,000 working hours.

Extra Small Size
Hyper Performances

Micro Size of 25x25X3 mm, 10% weigh vs. standard pump, operating frequency

of 20kHz, and ultra quite performances.

Scalable Solution

Our multi-mimbrane technology allows maximum flexibility according to specific needs where a flow rate of up to 120L/M can be achieved.

Unprecedented Flow Rate. Impeccable Reliability.

Innovative cooling systems will be needed for future micro-electronic devices that will generate more heat than current technologies, and this extra heating could damage electronic devices or hinder performance.

QTflow's patented technology breaks the glass ceiling of micro air pumps and enables very high flow capacities at high pressure, all in an extremely small cooling unit. This technology will soon be usable in a wide range of applications such as medical equipment, cooling chips and processors in computers, micro fuel cell's air supply and more. 

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QTflow Redefines
CPAP Devices.

Imagine a CPAP mask that eliminates the need for a compressor and a tube connection, a mask that eliminates the need for control valve used with BiPAP type which is requred for inhalation and exhalation pressure switch, a mask that allows you maximum flexibility back to a quality and safe lifestyle.