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Our Vision

As the electronic equipment becomes smaller and more powerful,

the amount and intensity of heat it produces increases. To enable further miniaturization of electronics, a smaller but more powerful cooling device is needed that will provide a long-term viable solution.

Our Story

We believe that no major technological problem should remain unresolved. Today as we look at the various industries that are experiencing a revolution of digital transformation, the electronics is shrinking and the demand for processing capabilities is growing, the need to preserve the quality of materials while lowering heat is becoming necessary.

No matter how good the cooling system is, there is a limit to how much heat can be conducted from the electronics component to the heat sink, even when utilizing different methods such as water cooling. QTflow's unique technology will enable the utilization of the most available natural resource, the air, to perform powerful cooling tasks in a wide range of applications and with maximum scalability.

Unprecedented Flow Rate. Impeccable Reliability.

Innovative cooling systems will be needed for future microelectronic devices that will generate more heat than current technologies, and this extra heating could damage electronic devices or hinder performance.

QTflow's proprietary technology breaks the glass ceiling of micro air pumps and enables very high flow capacities at high pressure, all in an extremely small cooling unit. This technology will soon be usable in a wide range of applications such as a novel CPAP design, cooling chips and processors in computers, and so much more.

Great ideas require teams that know how to work together passionately. But if there is one thing that sets us apart, it is the fact that this is a team with over 75 years of combined experience in inventing groundbreaking technologies and bringing them to market in a variety of ways and forms.

The driving force behind us is practical invention and innovation, breaking technological conventions and bringing value to humanity through the commercialization of these technologies. We have done this before and today we are doing it again with QTflow.

Experienced Leadership

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