The Future of Thermal Management


Medical Devices

QTflow's micro-pump will allow CPAP producers to develop a new generation of masks that will be miniature, better suited to users' lifestyles, allow for a wider range of usage situations and at an overall lower cost of production. QTflow's solution will eliminate the need for a compressor and a tube connection.

Micro Electronics

Today's processors are getting smaller in the face of an increase in the power of their processing capabilities. In order to maintain the reliability of the processors and the long shelf life, it is necessary to provide them with small and powerful cooling means. Our technology will be adapted for the cooling of computer processors, mobile phones, smart computing units inside cars, drones, and more.

Flexibility, Scalability, and Adaptivity.

QTflow's technology allows full flexibility in adapting to a wide range of applications. If there is a specific need for a ultra small and very powerful cooling unit, talk to us and we can tailor the solution for you.